Supply List

                    McCurdy Ministries Preschool

                              2016-2017 School Year

                       Supply List




  •  8 glue sticks (4 for 1st semester, 4 for 2nd semester)
  •  1 kinder-tri-fold rest mat (Wal-Mart)-(full day students only)
  •  1 Blanket to rest (soft animal optional) (Full day students only)
  •  1 – 9 x 12 plain pocket folder (For Religion)
  •  1 box 6 to 8 oz Dixie Cups
  •  1 Ream of white Copy paper (or $ 3.00 billed to your account)


We will also be having an afternoon snack so your child will be in charge of providing snack for the afternoon kids at least 1-2 times per month, depending on the calendar.

Explanation of this program will be explained in detail at Orientation